We Promise

  • We promise: to be an excellent team for each other, and our partners as well as our clients!
  • We promise: to respect our channel partners in both directions. We will not do anything that remotely causes partners to doubt our loyalty.
  • We promise: to be open to new ideas, to consciously check our assumptions, and to smack each other around when egos get a wee bit inflated.
  • We promise: to the best of our abilities to understand our impacts, and conduct ourselves accordingly.

We believe

  • We believe that our teammates come first, for without them, we have no one to serve our clients and partners.
  • We believe that occasional shakeups of the status quo, are a necessity.
  • We believe that there is no replacement for human interaction – only ways to support it.
  • We believe that the McRib deserves a permanent place on the McMenu.
  • We believe that if concepts can’t be explained to goats, they require simplification.
  • We believe that folks parking in reserved parking for the disabled, without a disability, deserve double doses of karma.

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