We are pretty informal around here – but we are also picky about who joins our team.
A few ideas about what we are looking for in descriptive words that might indicate that we will love each other.

  • Detailed
  • Autodidact
  • Hilarious
  • Well traveled
  • Tremendous appetite for new experiences
  • Broadly read
  • Quirky
  • Not dogmatic to any particular style, appreciates many
  • Sociable
  • Self aware
  • Hilarious
  • Hilarious

As mentioned elsewhere on our website – we believe that team is so important, all emails for recruitment get read by not just our HR manager, but the entire management team
(well, as close as we get to “official management team.”)

Drop us a line and tell us about OUR growing love! Portfolios are welcomed, as are project descriptions, P&L sheets, or hand scribbled love notes!

We would love to talk to you