They play, they eat, they poop, and they innovate on ways to amuse (often that can be read as, annoy) their owners.
What do Heavy Goats DO? Now that’s a good question.
We are not quite so easily defined.

For Other Agencies

We represent US based management for outsourced small development projects. We came to our business with a heavy focus on process and operations, meaning agencies use us for their WordPress development. For more on this, please click here, “Our Promise.” In a nutshell, many other agencies come to us to augment their staff capabilities, or, just to run some revenue and profit margin, without having to do the work

For Small and Medium Businesses

We focus on ROI – meaning every moment we spend working with, or on behalf of, our clients is understood to drive additional revenue to our clients.

Our focus in on


  • WordPress and Content
  • Funnel and Pipeline Consulting and Development
  • Managed Ad Spends


  • PR placement and services
  • Media “Buys” (Deep experience in outdoor and radio, as well as periodicals)
  • Copywriting
  • Course Design


  • Brand strategy
  • Placement
  • HR as a development imperative

Experiential and Events

  • Global events
  • Intimate events
  • Complete immersion experiential


  • Managed and created content
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Full editorial cycle production
  • Direct mail (consumer and B2B)
  • Vanity toll free numbers
  • Handwritten correspondence
  • Full call center services
  • WordPress white label development packages

Full video services with our partners at MediaVision

we have been working with Brian and his crew of mad geniuses for darn near a decade, and love doing so. Now with full drone capabilities (not to mention licensing and insurance.)

We would love to talk to you